How will YOU take a stand? (Unexpected 3D #1)
(2018) 24″ x 43″

How will YOU take a stand? asks what groups YOU most identify with. Be careful, though–your chosen group may have a “darker” side. (Or even a “yellower” side.)

Or maybe you find yourself in the middle…but you aren’t sure anymore exactly what that even means.

When you’re really scratching your head, here’s one more thing to look at. This piece is actually a three-dimensional image–not just in that there are obviously figures standing in front of other figures, but as a startling, deep 3D stage in which the rows of figures are visibly separated in space. To see it, try staring at the center of the image, then unfocusing your eyes, then slowly directing your eyes toward the second figure from the left in the bottom row. Gradually search for focus on that figure while keeping the middle and back rows unfocused. Not everyone can see this effect–certain eye problems will make it more difficult–but if you do “get” it, the effort will be worth it! (Note: it’s easiest to see the effect in person or on a larger screen.)

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