A Final Tiny Foot

I’ve got a tiny foot I like here. It’s based on a 4-stitch lower leg, and is the right scale for the tiny blue man and his kin.

The second photo compares the current foot to the 8-stitch first prototype, which was nice but much too big.

I may sound crazy when I say I see expressive possibilities in this extremely tiny piece, but I really do. The foot has just the right amount of flatness, heel shape, and forefoot shape (where it’s actually a 5-stitch tube) that it can be posed. I’m hoping this will make more sense when it’s part of an entire figure and I can pose the whole thing. (Edited to add that the third photo shows the leg as if the doll attached to it was lying face-down with its head away from you.)

If you’d like to make your own, here’s the pattern (remember this is a worn in progress and YMMV!).


4-stitch flat-heel boot

Rnd 1: magic ring 5 fairly snug
Rnd 2: sc 5 looser
Turn right-side out as is customary for crochet in the round.
Rnd 3: sc 5
Rnd 4: dec, sc 3

Work backwards on 2 sts to make a tiny heel base:
Row: Turn (no turning chain), sc 2

Turn again (no turning chain) so you are ready to work in the normal round direction:
Rnd 5: Work around again on sc 4
This rnd will end up being more or less the 2 you just worked flat, then 2 from the rest of the round—or just work into stitches you can see clearly, such as the ones at the front of the ankle; you’re working so small there will likely be no visible holes, and the tube will even out in a few rows.

Continue working around on sc 4 not too tight
Inc to 5 sc for knee and thigh
Using beginning tail, make 2-3 slst around the back bottom edge of the heel to make it a little sharper and sturdier.

To complete the leg:
Above foot—about 5 rnds at 4 st
Knee and thigh—about 6 rnds at 5 st

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