A Tiny Hand

I’m experimenting with some details and shaping to use on my tiny human figures. The trick is to find the exact shapes and positioning that create expressiveness with the fewest stitches possible.

This tiny hand is a part of this project. It’s a work in progress but I like the shape at this point. If you want to make one for yourself, the pattern is given below.

The stick figure sketches demonstrate this idea too. I’m including them to give you a better idea of what I mean by “expressiveness.” I made these drawings, but this is not something I’m good at—when I get them to look “right” it’s pretty much by accident. (I hope this is clear from the pictures, but just in case it’s not…to me the first one is lifeless and the second one is expressive.) Do a search for “stick figure reference poses” to see lots of examples.

In the best stick figure poses, the few lines are placed just so, and as a result the figure communicates something—intention, motion, physical tension, etc. It can be hard, at least for me, to articulate what the best such sketches do better than the lesser ones. But this is what I’m trying to do with my tiny figures. So far the only thing that works is trial and error. The tiny hand is the result of that process. The example was made with @sulkythreads 12wt cotton and the @tulipjapan_official 0.6mm hook.


* * * see updated pattern in 1/15/22 post * * * TINY CROCHET HAND

Work all sts tightly.

Row 1: ch 5, turn
Row 2: hdc 4

Make thumb:
Right hand: ch 4, turn and slst 3 back to base of thumb, sc 2 across bottom of hand
Left hand: sc 2 across bottom of hand, ch 4, turn and slst 3 back to base of thumb

Use ends to close any gaps, then use ends to sew hand securely to arm.


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