What is an Image Knit?

It’s a knitted poster-size artwork (from 24 x 24 to 25 x 60+ inches), ready to hang on your wall. Each piece is mounted on a rigid, custom-made internal frame, and finished with a wrapped knitted edging.

It can be based on a photo, painting, sketch or graphic design. It can be a portrait, an intriguing original image, or an autostereogram containing a “hidden” picture. Many are pure duotones (two colors only); some include additional colors. Lean in close to each piece and you’ll see a pleasing pattern of knit stitches…but back away and the colorful knitting becomes a picture of near-photographic accuracy, subtly enhanced and colored to make them catch your eye from across the room.

I use a vintage knitting machine and a lot of handwork to create these custom portraits and original designs out of yarn. I think them not just as textiles but as large-scale, highly textured  prints or photographic reproductions. And I can promise you: they’re not like anything you’ve ever seen before.