Baby Green Dragon

It’s a tiny dragon head (and tiny dragon wings in the second photo) waiting for final assembly tonight. The pattern is from @vinamigurumi and has some very clever stuff in it—the shaping of the body, wings and ears is surprisingly subtle for such tiny pieces. The bright green main color is in the @wonderfilspecialtythread Spaghetti 12wt cotton, which is such a beautiful thread and so nice to work with! It feels heavier than it is, if that makes any sense, because it’s smooth and easy to see and catch with the hook. Contrast colors are in @sulkythreads 12wt which I can count on for pretty much any color I need. Hook is my standard @tulipjapan_official 0.6mm. (Edited to note a technical point: all those strands you see under the head, and which I am using to hold onto it, are indeed ends that I have to work in and hide in that tiny piece.)

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