Four Teachers Decide to Just Be Drunk All the Time

A quartet of Danish high school teachers are dissatisfied with their boring, comfortable lives. They dive into an unusual midlife crisis after learning about a (real!) theory by a Norwegian psychiatrist that humans would actually benefit from continually having their blood alcohol content at 0.05%. The four experiment with maintaining a constant state of low-level intoxication to see if this can bring any joy and looseness to their days. This is the premise of the new dramedy Another Round.

Director/co-writer Thomas Vinterberg was one of the founders of the Dogme 95 movement, and while he’s left that style behind, he’s kept its sense of emotional realism. So while this movie starts from a ridiculous premise, which it exploits for some tremendously funny effect (particularly from star Mads Mikkelsen), it also stays grounded in a certain amount of reality. This is basically a movie about the specific kind of alcoholism where someone thinks no one can tell that they’re drunk, when in fact everyone knows it. That leads it to some dark and somber places, tainting the comedy with bitter irony.

Another Round hits VOD December 18.

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