Hooks and Threads

Micro-crochet is just crochet, done smaller. 😊 This is obvious, right? But when you first try it, it doesn’t seem that simple.

There are several aspects of “done smaller” that we can talk about. I’ll start here with choosing finer yarn (or thread, when you go small enough) and hooks. Most techniques are easier to learn with thicker yarns and hooks, from which you work down, smaller snd smaller, until you reach the limit of your eyesight/available thread/available hooks/available lighting/patience. Your mileage may vary substantially from someone else’s. I’ll give more details later about thread and hook combinations that have worked for me, as well as lighting and magnification equipment. For today, here is what is working well for me right now, what I’m using to explore lots of techniques and patterns before making another shift down to even smaller sizes:

• Tulip Etimo steel crochet hook, size 0.6mm
• 12wt cotton thread from Sulky or Wonderfil

The Tulip hooks are beautifully made and precisely shaped. They come with little plastic hook protectors to guard both their somewhat fragile tips and anything stored close to them—they can easily puncture fabric or your finger. They are available from Amazon and many other vendors, in sets or individually.

Th Sulky thread comes in about 150 colors and in both 50- and 300-yard spools. Wonderfil comes in 200m spools, in relatively few colors, but they are beautiful, saturated shades, some deeper then are available in Sulky. These threads are thicker than regular sewing machine thread, but not by much. They are more commonly used for embroidery, and are similar to the feel of two strands (from a 6-strand bundle) of DMC embroidery thread. Both brands are strong and smooth and feel good in your hands. Wonderfil (the blue thread in the photos) seems ever just so slightly thicker to me. Wonderfil is more expensive; Sulky comes in many color combination packs as well as large collections. Both are available from Amazon and other vendors, including directly from the manufacturers.

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