Shaping Reality is a fanciful exploration of shapes through images of four knitted artworks, each of which is based on either a sphere or a cube. The simple shapes transform into a series of more complex objects and scenes, suggesting that the foundations of our complicated reality may be simpler than we believe. As the shapes morph into each other in surprising ways, we are also reminded that all things in our world are connected…as in this video all things are ultimately connected by a single strand of dancing, wandering yarn.

Shaping Reality premiered on April 26, 2019 accompanying the world premiere of Jeffrey Rathbun’s Shapes for bassoon and piano.

“Rathbun’s polychordal and ostinato-driven music beautifully matched the artist’s video Shaping Reality, which featured unspooling yarn metamorphosing into stunningly distorted cubes and spheres based on her fantastically precise, poster-sized ‘image knits.’”

—David Kulma,