This Siamese cat was made for my mother-in-law this past Christmas using the “Mini Pets” pattern by @lucyravenscar. It’s a good example of the “use fewer stitches” method for reducing the size of a crocheted animal, and the pattern states that it was created to allow you to make very small animals with “normal” (that is, worsted or DK-weight) sized yarn and hooks. I used @sulkythreads 12wt cotton so my cat was REALLY tiny. The pattern also features totally integrated parts so you don’t have to sew lots of fiddly stuff together at the end, which can be daunting. Since all the parts are integrated, each leg in the pattern is just a popcorn stitch, but I modified it a little by adding a round of dark stitches to each foot to give them the Siamese “point” color and make the legs a little longer. When I use the pattern again I will probably make the neck and body a little shorter (use one less round on each) as my stitch vs. row gauge proportions with thread might not exactly match what you’d typically get with thicker yarn.

It’s a great pattern with instructions for lots of variations for both dogs and cats. And, my MIL loved it!

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