Silkie chicken in progress

A work-in-progress post for today: she doesn’t look it yet but this will be a Silkie chicken. She has tiny wings (and Silkies don’t fly due to the fluffiness of their feathers) and black skin, feet and beak. I’m using an almost-black for the skin and a dark gray for the feet and beak as I think they are a bit more natural-looking than shiny jet-black thread. Her “feathers” will be buff (soft tan) in color.

Her beak isn’t fully shaped or finished yet but you can see how it starts to be formed. Her feet are in progress—I made one that’s wonderfully shaped but too big, so had to make more with smaller toes. Silkies have five (or occasionally more) toes, so they are a little strange-looking for bird feet! She also needs fluffy feathers on her legs to flop around her toes so I’ve made tiny “sleeves” for each leg on which to stitch them. I’m loving all these details that can make this model special.

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