Tiny Amineko

I’m going to call this “tiny #amineko” because he’s a lot smaller than the original version but not yet as small as he can go. There’s a special challenge in this as its characteristic for Aminekos to be able to cross their arms and fold their legs convincingly, and that means they can’t be too short, either in relation to the body OR in absolute terms. This little guy’s body is just a little too long and his arms and legs are just a little too short to pose correctly. So, I will continue to experiment with using fewer stitches and rounds and eventually finer thread as well. Eventually I hope to make truly “micro” and even “nano” Aminekos. Here I’ve used @sulkythreads 12wt cotton and a 0.6mm @tulipjapan_official hook, and I’m calling this a “lilac point” variation. #lilacpoint (as in #lilacpointsiamese) is a real color variety but not quite this truly purple IRL. I’m imagining someday making lemon point, peppermint point, lime point, etc. You get the idea. 😉

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